Kimbo Slice is back in MMA… pro wrestling MMA anyway

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Looks like that “Youtube sensation” with a glass chin is coming back to fighting, at least the scripted kind anyway.

SportsNavi announced that Kimbo Slice will be participating in Antonio Inoki’s “IGF Championship Scramble” tournament, which begins February 5 at Fukuoka International Center in Japan. Kimbo’s opponent will be disgraced Sumo champion and Inoki protege, Wakakirin. So much for that boxing career him and Gary Shaw & son Jared Shaw AKA $kala were working on.

Wakakirin Shinichi AKA Shinichi Suzukawa was thrown out of the sport in February 2009 after being arrested for cannabis possession. The “Kirin” part of his name, meaning giraffe or qilin, had only been given to three previous wrestlers: his own stablemaster (former ōzeki Daikirin), former sekiwake Kirinji, and Tamakirin, who voluntarily quit sumo to become a professional wrestler, as opposed to Wakakirin who screwed up and Inoki threw him a bone. Wakakirin was supposed to compete at Dynamite!! 2010 against Bob Sapp in IGF rules bout, but Sapp pulled out at the last minute.

The sumo’s first match was on the IGF 13 card in December 2010, when he defeated Mark Coleman by referee stop. The match was controversial, and Coleman’s colleague, Phil Baroni accused Wakakirin of shooting on Coleman in what was supposed to be a worked match.

On the undercard, the legendary Tatsumi Fujinami celebrates his 40th anniversary as a wrestler by facing Mil Mascaras. Also on the card is the original “Tiger Mask” (Satoru Sayama, also the man who created Shooto), Josh Barnett, The Predator (Sylvester Terkay), and the debut of a new wrestler called “Masked Genome” against Shane “Hurricane” Helms. This is Kimbo’s first time in the IGF and his first time doing anything notable since his loss to Matt Mitrione at UFC 113 in May.

Want to see Wakakirin in action on the sumo mats? You probably said no, but when I tell you he palm strikes the holy bejeezus out of his opponent’s face and bloodies him up, I think you will change your mind.

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