Dana White on MMA in NY, Sonnen & Barnett, and frogurt

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The Fight Nerd met UFC President Dana White at their UFC in NY press conference last week, and had a chance to grab a one on one with the man. After a short technical difficulty, White tells us about their plans to get MMA in NY, and also talks about his reaction to Chael Sonnen’s current problems, as well as if he thinks Josh Barnett will be licensed to fight in the US due to his trio positive drug tests, which Scott Coker told us he thinks there will be no problems getting things resolved.

After fumbling through some questions, I finally pop the big question – what flavor of frozen yogurt does Dana White like? Why did I ask that, you may ask. Because it was the perfect set-up to my ballsiest move ever – asking Dana White for a press pass to UFC 128 in Jersey. What does Dana have to say to that? Better check out the video to find out!

7 Comments on Dana White on MMA in NY, Sonnen & Barnett, and frogurt

  1. haha that awesome- ballsy…but those were some damm solid questions (Sonnen, how UFC spends their money in NY, etc) asked before the last two youguert & press pass ?s

    props to FN.

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