Nick Diaz answers the media’s questions only like Nick Diaz can

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What happens when you ask Nick Diaz a question during a press conference call? If you’re lucky, he answers it eventually. If you’re even luckier, he goes on a rant about something else that was way better than your lame question!

At Strikeforces Thursday afternoon conference call to promote their upcoming World Championship Doubleheader on Saturday, Jan. 29, at HP Pavilion in San Jose, Calif., middleweight champ Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza and welterweight champ Nick Diaz answered questions from the MMA news world. I could tell you what Jacare had to say, but it was all pretty standard and dull compared to what burst forth from the lips of Diaz. When asked if he would stay in the welterweight division, the Cesar Gracie student answered:

“I don’t know. I wouldn’t mind moving up. I’d just like to get paid for it, you know? I don’t like when I hear people say I didn’t accept the fight with (Mayhem) Miller because I was too small. I never said anything about that. I said if I’m going to go off-track and screw with my whole season and it’s going to screw with my whole year and screw with my capabilities fighting at 170 then I’m going to have to get paid in full. I’d like to have a reason for doing that. I’d like to get paid double or triple to do something that crazy. To fuck with my weight like that? I’d rather move down than move up if you’re not going to pay me for it. I might as well move down than up. Am I going to get paid for it? I’ll fight at 155 pounds unless they offer me a big money fight at 185 pounds. If they do then I’ll make it happen but I’m not going to do it for free; for the same as I would make at my normal 170 pounds.

Why would I? It’s more work. That’s why I never wanted to sign for that fight with Miller, because they were talking about me moving weight. I was like tell these guys to fucking get in shape and make weight like I do. It’s fucking hard enough for me to make 170 pounds. You know what I mean? He acts like he wouldn’t be able to do it. He doesn’t want to work hard like me. That’s the problem. So he can work his ass off and make 170 pounds or 175 pounds or someone can fucking pay me a couple fucking million dollars to move up to 185 pounds to fight him. I know someone’s got that shit on videotape. That motherfucker doesn’t want to fight me. Talking about how he wants to fight me every chance he gets. I’ll fight him anyway. I just want to get paid. Pacquaio’s making 40 fucking million dollars. He’s making a couple million dollars. I’m over here fucking driving a Honda because my shit’s breaking down. Fuck all you motherfuckers.”

But wait, there’s more! So much more in fact! Diaz also had a few things to say about GSP:

“I think I got here first and I was fighting before most of them, including George St. Pierre in the UFC. I was at it first. I was mad that they were getting fights and getting all this recognition when I was at it first. I thought it was first-come, first-serve. Like Josh Koscheck. I cornered a guy at a bar who probably had two fights in his life. They worked it like he was set up to fight Josh Koscheck. Then he gets an ass-whuppin. That’s what I’m saying. They’ve made easy fights for those guys. These guys have got like six or seven fights. Like all easy fights. I’ve never got to fight a guy like the one they brought into fight Josh Koscheck. So when you bring up fighters like that and tell me they are the best fighters in the world it’s a fucking joke. Those guys are all ranked now but I was here first. So let’s fight then. Let’s make it happen, you know?

“People think this guy is better than me and it’s bullshit. He went five rounds with Josh Koscheck. I just told you about Josh Koscheck, right? Why shouldn’t I get to fight him? Why are you saying he’s unavailable? Because we fight for different companies?”

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Strikeforce welterweight champion… Nick Diaz.

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  1. Why the f can’t there be a co-promotion. Because it doesn’t da da ta da da. I agree with nick 100%. F all the bs. Co-promotion turned American football into a yearly spectacle with the superbowl and it could do the same for mma. And one of you journalists out there need to grow a deep pair and write about it. And pressure the douschebags who are opposed to it. And turn the entire media onto it. And the fans. And get everyone talking. We want to see the best fight the best once a year at new years eve and make our own new years eve spectacle out of this instead of waiting around like dumb sheep in a barn for someone with a big mouth to tell us when to eat and where to it.

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