Now you can nail Arianny Celeste… on your wall!

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That’s how you write a deceiving headline! But not entirely, since you are not really nailing her, just slamming her against your wall, then taking her off and moving her to wherever you want once you have had your fill of her in that position. No, really!

On UFC octagon girl Arianny Celeste’s website, you can now order a life-sized wall sticker of her. Measuring a full 5 ft 7”, when peeled off its base, this sticker features her in life sized dimensions. Her chest might be flatter than you remembered, but she is one-dimensional after all. The sticker can in fact be peeled off and moved to other spots around your house, man-cave, bathroom or anywhere that you want Arianny to awkwardly stare at you while you stare back with one hand.

Sadly, she is not wearing her octagon girl gear, rather just a short mini-skirt and a tight top to show her figure, but it’s kind of a let-down for the hardcore UFC fans. Hopefully, we will get a second version, as well as more ginormous stickers with Chandrella Powell and other octagon girls. You can own this sexy sticker for $50 if you order off her site, or you can get that issue of Playboy with her for cheaper and be much happier.

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