Scott Coker on Strikeforce Heavyweight Tournament – Part 2

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In part one of our in-depth interview with Scott Coker, we talked about the tournament itself, how he sees the tournament unfurling, licensing Josh Barnett in the states, the relationship with M-1 Global, as well as issues outside the tournament such as the Bellator VS Strikeforce feud and what is next for the fighters on their “Challenger” series.

In part two, I continue my discussion with the president of Strikeforce and ask him if Strikeforce will be back on CBS any time soon (and Scott also gives us the inside scoop on something else down the line for TV!), doing a Strikeforce pay-per-view and how they would compete against each other, his thoughts on the MMA situation in Japan, his thoughts on Herschel Walker stepping up in his competition and Dave Batista in MMA. Plus, his opinion on Brock Lesnar supposedly coming back to WWE and what he would do if he was in Dana White’s position and who wins the entire Heavyweight Grand Prix!

While you are watching videos of me talking with President’s of MMA promotions, why not check out my interview with Dana White? Ya’ know, the one where I convinced the president of the UFC to give me a press pass to UFC 128. Yeah, that one.

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