Rashad Evans is a Jedi

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I always heard about the mental training aspect of Greg Jackson’s coaching, but I never knew it went this far!

The above video is Rashad Evans, who is preparing to fight Mauricio “Shogun” Rua at UFC 128 in March, working on his mind games as he focuses his mental energies on… levitation. According to “Uncle Milton”, the manufacturer of this devil toy, it allows you to “control a Jedi Training Remote with your mind, by tapping into cutting-edge brainwave technology. Utilizing dry EEG sensor technology, the headset reads and interprets your brainwaves. The deeper your concentration and mental focus, the greater your ability to move the Training Remote up or down the Training Tower.” There are fifteen degrees of difficulty, so I wonder how hard Rashad is able to push this. Is he just a lowly Padawan or a true Jedi knight? If he wants to learn a real Jedi mind trick, he should just ask me to show him the technique I used on Dana White!

I like that Jackson has a painting of Yoda in his office too, it goes great with his Ghostbusters shirt. He is a truly a nerd I must meet one day. I wonder if he is actually a jedi or… a Sith lord! There can only be two, the master and the apprentice. Is Rashad the chosen one to bring balance to the force or will he destroy it!

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