Gerard Gordeau and Akebono finally meet… in a pro wrestling ring

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Did you ever wonder what happened to Gerard Gordeau after his appearance in the golden age of the UFC, and Akebono after his flop of an MMA career? They went into pro-wrestling of course!

From Pro Wrestling ZERO-ONE, at the “Yasukuni Shrine Festival” (a riveting name for a pro wrestling event if you ask me), we bring you the oddest tag team match with MMA fighters I have put on this site yet. Actually, it might be the first tag team match I have put, but it surely won’t be the last. Did you ever think you would Gordeou fighting Akebono, let alone battle against him in a pro wrestling match?

Gerard Gordeau teams with Ryouji Sai to take on Akebono & Munenori Sawa at this event in April, 2010. Ryouji Sai had actually won the Passion Cup tag Tournament in 2008 with Kohei Sato, and in 2009 Akebono won the Furinkazan tournament with veteran Shinjiro Otani. Does this affect the peculiarity of this match any more? Not really. Just seeing Akebono in a singlet is trippy enough, but seeing UFC and K-1 veteran Gordeau is just plain weird. When I first stumbled upon this, I thought it must have been another Gordeau, but I was sadly mistaken.

As for the match, it’s actually pretty watchable. If you just want to fast forward to see these two MMA veterans go at it, fast forward to 4:36 for the tag-in to Gerard and the showdown we have been waiting to see since… about 60 seconds ago after you read the headline for this post. Gordeau is pretty much a heat-killer at that moment, but when he gets the hot tag at 10:14, he does his job at least, just don’t say I didn’t warn you. The real marvel is how well Akebono has picked up pro wrestling at this point and he looks pretty good here, so props for finding his place in the world finally. Now, sit back and enjoy this freak show of a wrestling match!

Hit the jump to see part two of this match! Oh yeah, there’s a second part to this match!

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