Lorezno Fertitta on MMA in NY and around the world

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The Fight Nerd talks with the man who who holds the real power in the UFC, Lorenzo Fertitta, and asks him about their plans to bring MMA to New York, as well as around the globe. We also discuss any plans to bring “The Ultimate Fighter” reality series to other countries, if there is room for competition in MMA and the one piece of advice that someone told him that he continues to use every day, and more. Plus, since Zuffa just recently celebrated their 10th year anniversary of running the UFC, I ask Lorenzo if there was a moment where he ever wanted to throw in the towel and be done with MMA for good. Turns out the answer is a big fat yes!

While we are talking to the big guns in MMA, don’t forget to check out my interview with UFC President Dana White where I ask him about Chael Sonnen, Josh Barnett and talk him into letting me attend UFC 128, and my very in-depth interview with Strikeforce president Scott Coker where we talk about everything from the Strikeforce heavyweight tournament to Batista and Brock Lesnar, which you can view part one of here and part two over here!

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