Series 8 of UFC Deluxe Action Figures on the way for March

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Jakks Pacific has released prototype images of their upcoming eighth wave of UFC action figures, which includes a few new faces and some you have seen before, but in a slightly different way.

Included in wave 8 is UFC lightweight champion Frankie Edgar, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, Gabriel Gonzaga, Nate Diaz, a classic version of Matt Hughes and a Pride FC version of Chuck Liddell. Frankie, Gabriel and Nate are entirely new figures, while Rampage and Liddell have new head sculpts. Hughes is the odd man out with just a new set of legs to represent the classic look when fighters were not afraid to wear tights, so long as they were black.

These figures are due out in March with a retail price of around 12 bucks give or take, depending on where you shop. I have no idea yet if any of these figures will include any accessories, like Edgar with a UFC title perhaps or entrance gear like shirts, hats and things like that. Overall, I would say this line looks pretty good, but the Liddell repaint is disappointing since his face just makes him look like a disgruntled Mr. Magoo. I like the new calmer Rampage face, as opposed to the first release of the figure where he was caught in mid-roar. The worst figure of this line has to go to Gabriel Gonzaga, who I mistook for Brock Lesnar at first since he has the same look, down to the color of his shorts. My two favorites here are Edgar and Hughes, since you have to love that classic appearance. Maybe Hughes will come with a retro UFC championship belt if we are lucky!

Hit the jump for more photos of these figures!

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  1. Action figures that actually look like the fighters they’re supposed to represent? Boys, we’ve finally reached the bigtime.

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