Kimo is flying naked on a table and now you are blind

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Kimo has one of the most underrated facebook pages of all the legendary MMA fighters, and this is another reason why. The dude loves taking naked photos of himself, as seen from this photo straight from his facebook page on Friday evening!

The question here is – why? His dog also seems to be searching for the same clues we are as to why the Hawaiian brawler is pretending he is a perverted superman. The caption to the photo only states “yes i am airborn”, and that is quite true, aside from the spelling error. This is not the first time Kimo has shot himself in the buff, however it looks like the UFC veteran has removed one of those pictures. I know I have it on my hard drive somewhere, so I will search for it and post it when I find it (don’t judge me, I saved it for this reason!).

Granted, Shonie Carter has an equally great facebook page but I haven’t seen any naked photos of him yet (although knowing Shonie, that could happen sooner than later). But you know what? This is still better than seeing Kris Cyborg naked.

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