Check out this Russian documentary on Fedor from 2007

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While Fedor prepares for his comeback fight against Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva at the opening rounds of Strikeforce’s Heavyweight Grand Prix, let’s take a moment to get to know “The Last Emperor” a bit more, straight from the horse’s mouth!

According to the uploader, this video is part of a documentary that appeared in 2007 on a regional channel of Stary Oskol and is all about Fedor Emelianenko, from his earliest fights in RINGS to his glory days in Pride FC. It contains a lot of interviews with himself, as well as with his friends, family, coaches and many other people who helped him during his life. This might be the chattiest I have ever seen Fedor so definitely check this out to hear many untold stories about the man who many still consider the greatest heavyweight MMA fighter of all time.

Hit the jump for part two of this documentary!

There are more parts of this video still being uploaded, and we will continue to update the site with them as long as the uploader keeps adding them, so do us a favor and tell him you want more by subscribing to his channel!

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