Tom Gallicchio returns to M-1 for middleweight title shot after contract dispute

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“I’m going to Moscow to finish what I started,” declared Tom “Da’ Tank” Gallicchio in a recent interview with M-1 Global. Gallicchio is preparing to make his return to the white ring of M-1 Global for Challenge XXIII in his first shot at their middlweight title against Shamil Zavurov.

This fight was supposed to happen back at M-1 Challenge XXII, but was scrapped due to a dispute over Tom’s contract, which has now been settled and putting him right back where he started from with a chance to win the gold in Russia. “Zavurov’s tough — he’s 19-1 for a reason,” Tom said, “But he’s not used to fighting North American-sized fighters and I’m training my ass off for this fight. I’m down to about 180 pounds right now. This last ten pounds won’t be a massive cut since I’m trying to train near my fighting weight to ensure my speed and power are perfectly tuned.”

Even M-1 Global’s Director of Operations, Evgeni Kogan has piped up about the fight. “Every once and a while perfect match-ups present themselves. Both guys are aggressive on their feet and on the ground and having the championship belt on the line is certainly adding fuel to this highly anticipated fight.”

In 2010, Gallicchio made three consecutive trips to the Atlantic City boardwalk on route to capturing the M-1 Selection Americas tournament; the conquest included knocking off tough opponents in incredible fashion which earned a ‘fight of the night’ award and a ‘submission of the night’ honourable mention. Having won six of his last seven and riding a current three-fight streak, Gallicchio is known for producing highly explosive and entertaining fights making him a fan-favourite on any card; with his persistent work ethic and relentless drive inside the ring, there is no questioning where he garnered his nickname.

Tom will be joined on this trip by fellow americans Plinio Cruz, Tyson Jeffries and Kenny “Deuce” Garner at the M-1 Challenge XXIII on Saturday, March 5th. Fans worldwide will be able to catch the action live online for free on the official M-1 website, as well as this site too, starting at 11:00am EST / 8:00am PST.

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