TNA pro wrestler AJ Styles invests in new MMA company

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According to the latest “Wrestling Observer” newsletter, TNA superstar AJ Styles is now a financial backer of a fledgling MMA group called “Fight Fusion Entertainment”, which is in fact owned by his brother. The new promotion debuts on February 18th at the Georgia Mountain Center in Gainesville, Georgia, which is the state that Styles hails from. The show will be titled “Phenomenal Fights 1”, a tribute to AJ Styles nickname.

Lucky for me, just about 98% of all pro wrestling rumor sites copy and pasted the same three sentences on this piece of news and offered no further insight, so this led me to do a bit of investigation on my own to finally discover the official website for the company, which informed me that the company will promote both amateur and professional MMA for men and women, and also has plans to become an apparel and gear company as well. The company also hosts as many weight classes as boxing, with 17 weight classes total, a far cry from the usual bunch we see. At this point, there is not much more info out there on this company, and with the show being weeks away, no matches have been announced on their website.

AJ Styles is not the first pro wrestler to invest in mixed martial arts, as Danny Davis over at Ohio Valley Wrestling, a long-time feeder company for Vince McMahon’s WWE (which is no longer technically affiliated with them but the boys in Connecticut still hold try-outs there), started the Vyper Fight League way back in 2009, which has since collapsed into obscurity. We are not sure how big of a financier AJ is in the company and if he will have any role beyond backing it, but for any readers in Georgia, it looks like you have a new place to see some live MMA!

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