Urijah Faber competes in an egg-poaching battle

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Ever wonder what fighters do when they aren’t fighting in the cage? Apparently, they have epic cooking competitions, as Urijah Faber demonstrates in this video.

“The California Kid” stepped up to the random challenge of poaching an egg against Curtis Schurkamp, & Tommy Schurkamp, the latter of whom stated, “He just fails at everything he does”. With friends like that, who needs enemies? Faber also throws the egg poaching challenge out to former UFC lightweight champion, BJ Penn, who I look forward to seeing him poach it “Hilo style.”

I enjoy Urijah Faber’s furry skull cap (although the proper name is a “Mad Bomber Hat”, true story), which I assume is his way of paying homage to the East Coast people that he will be fighting in front of in a month. Here in the tri-state area, we are being bombarded by snow, icy rain, sleet, tempestuous winds, hail, and the constant threat of being enslaved by a number of super-villians ranging from The Green Goblin to Dr. Doom. This is what happens when you live in the same city populated by Spiderman and The Fantastic Four, but it’s a price I am willing to pay.

Urijah Faber will meet Eddie Wineland at UFC 128 in New Jersey on March 19 at The Prudential Center. Oh, and most importantly, I will be there too thanks to Mr. Dana White, and will maybe challenge Faber to a grilled cheese sandwich competition. He can’t beat me – I use Texas toast and three kinds of cheese! If you’re still hungry for more Urijah Faber and food related things, check out his breakfast from before his WEC 52 bout after the jump!

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