WWE wrestler Chris Jericho decides he hates MMA, then changes his mind

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We already know top WWE star John Cena’s thoughts on MMA, which are far from positive, but during UFC 126, former WWE champ Chris Jericho made his thoughts on the matter known, then flip flopped his choice of words to something totally different.

Over on Chris Jericho’s twitter, the self-proclaimed “ayatollah of rock and rollah” of the early 2000’s boldly declared, “Ok guess I’m the only “old school pro wrestler” to say it…screw UFC fighters. U could NEVER do what me and my brothers do #bringitbitches.” The twitter pro-wrestling world seemed taken aback by this unprovoked statement, but thankfully hours later, Jericho tweeted again, “Dear UFC fighters, My apologies…(gulp). #Drunkichostrikesagain.” One thing is for sure, the man loves his hash tags.

Lesson learned, fight fans. Booze + pro wrestlers= loose lips, and sobriety= taking those words back. Luckily for Jericho, I am a huge fan of the man, and I am hoping he is at least a fan of the sport and his comments were just him being a kayfabe tough guy and protective of the sport. After all, pro wrestling comes from catch wrestling, one of the earliest forms of submission grappling, and if you tell me Karl Gotch or Billy Robinson were not legit tough guys, then you need to get stretched by their students!

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  1. I actually agree with him… A lot of UFC/MMA fighters couldn’t and wouldn’t want to do what he does. 360 days of the year on the road and constantly away from home… That part at least. Physically most could do the work, but the being away from home part would be hard for pretty much everyone too do.

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