Fight Nerd Femme Fatale: Amy Leigh

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This website, like many MMA sites, is like a sausagefest. I need to change things up here and remind my readers what it’s like to be a man… in a heterosexual sort of way. Enter Amy Leigh!

Amy hails from Massachusetts, and locals will recognize her as the ring card girl from the WCF promotion run by Joe Cavallaro. This 34-B girl who stands 5 feet and 3 inches tall has also rocked Boston Brawler and a few other MMA clothing brands on her body. She has also worked for Cazadores Tequila and a Playboy golf tournament, so not only is she a fan of MMA and athletic, she can potentially get you some free booze. You can see more of Amy on her facebook page or her modeling page, and there is plenty to see!

Hit the jump for more total babeage from Amy Leigh!

Yup, that’s her booty. You can all thank me later.

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