Frank Shamrock pushing for MMA in New York at the State Assembly

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Looks like New York has a new spokesperson to help push MMA in New York, and it’s Frank Shamrock!

Shamrock, who is in the process of moving to New York and filming a reality series called “Ungloved” all about the journey, has stepped up to the plate to help educate the masses and politicians about MMA. This comes as great news after Governor Cuomo conveniently forgot that Zuffa was lobbying him to help MMA and just plum forgot to put it in his budget plan for 2011, despite the sport being proven to generate $23 million in revenue. One would assume income would be welcome in the state with deep financial debt, but I suppose not.

Frank was in Albany yesterday on the floor of the New York State Senate, talking with politicians such as Senator Joseph Griffo, Assemblyman Frank Lopez and Representative Bing, and helping them hear our pleas. Frank tweeted about the process through the day, and had one interesting quote, which was, “meeting of the minds with Rep Bob Reilly denied by his office. WTF?! But everyone is otherwise feeling MMA in NY.” So there ya’ go, MMA world. Some guys just enjoy playing the part of the villain, and New Yorkers who support MMA have known who that man is for some time. Meanwhile, as of the time of this post, the rally for MMA in NY in front of City Hall is going down and if you are in the area, you should drop by and show your support!

You can follow Frank’s new twitter at this address, which will have updates about his reality show and his push to help MMA in New York!

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