Jorge Rivera proves Michael Bisping is weak, implies resemblance to female anatomy

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When Jorge Rivera retires from MMA, he could have a great career in pro wrestling, as he just cut an excellent promo video all about his fight against Michael Bisping at UFC 127!

Jorge “El Conquistador” Rivera, who I stumped back at the UFC Fan Expo in Boston with my head-scratching trivia, made a promo video with the help of his sponsor, Ranger Up. Rivera went deep into the stats of his opponent, and discovered some revelations about Bisping that he has been kind enough to share with us, along with visual aids. Those visual aids include implications of “The Count” being akin to a lady’s reproductive organs and being an overall cowardly chap. Kudos for not calling Bisping a “wanker”, as that would ruin the momentum of this video and the point of it altogether.

Rivera is truly a master of the insult, and not just a rambling Dan Quinn style promo, but a thought-out and cerebral attack… as much as it can be when you are comparing someone to what he did. We are now awaiting Bisping’s retort, which I do not expect to be anywhere near as good as this. Come UFC 127, Rivera and Bisping will let their fists do the talking and we will see if Bisping’s fists are indeed made from pillows or crafted from stone (I predict the first one).

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