Review of Skin Industries External Hard Drive

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Nothing is nerdier than technology! I was surprised to see that one of my favorite apparel makers, Skin Industries, was releasing a slew of new products for 2011, including car seat covers and graphics for motor cross riders. What caught my eye was their new external hard drives, which lured me in with the tantalizing photo of an attractive woman’s jean short-covered behind. Sex sells, especially when it comes to computer products. I could not look away as her soft and slender hand gently inserted this diminutive device into her well-rounded curvy back pocket, ever so smooth… ahem, what were we talking about?

I was lucky enough to get my hands on one of these hard drives, sadly without getting my hands on the model who put it in her pants. I have been in dire need of a new external hard drive for about a year (believe it or not, everything you see on this site is rendered and stored on one 750 gig external hard drive that has to be constantly cleaned out and has become rather stuffed), and I have had it for close to two years, before they began making the passport sized ones. The Skin Industries hard drive’s are indeed the tiny ones, but will this work as well as my big ones, or is this just eye candy like the hot model who beckoned me to stare at her rump and buy a lemon? Hit the jump and let’s find out!

Above is the packaging of this little beast, and I do mean little. It comes with This product also has an automatic one-year warranty from the manufacturer, Iomega, which can be extended for free to three years if you register this purchase with them. One quick thing to note is that if you are a Mac user, like myself, you have to format this drive before use, which is very simple and the instructions tell you how to do it in plain talk, no techno babble from an episode of “Star Trek” here.

The drive is available in three designs, the sexy “Red Hot” as you see above, a shiny silver “knock Out”, and “Radical” which resembles a Jack Daniels label. Each one comes with a USB 2.0 wire, which has a short line as well, whic provides auxiliary power and is only used if the USB host connection does not provide enough energy through the main line. Definitely a handy little feature, and you will know if you are using the right head as the auxiliary one, when plugged in on its own, will make a beeping noise to remind you that you are using the wrong one and that you should slap yourself for being so stupid.

This little guy is also pretty sturdy, and you can allegedly drop it from a height of 51″ without it being damaged. Despite my usual penchant to smash products that I review for the sake of pushing these items to the limits, I wanted to keep this so I could use it for more than two minutes. So, if anyone out there wants to test the durability of this, go ahead and drop it off the side of a building and let me know how it turns out. Now, let’s take a look at the physical size of this thing, and how well it works!

Let’s do a little size comparison here, as we stand up the Skin HD next to a Mattel figure of He-Man’s arch-nemesis, Skeletor. Don’t judge me. The Snake Mountain resident stands tall at seven inches high and is about three and a half inches wide, from shoulder to shoulder. He towers over the Skin HD, which is four and a half inches tall and three and a quarter-inch wide, with a thickness of 3/4 of an inch. This little guy also weighs .36 lbs., meaning your wallet weighs more than 500 gigs of digital data.

This drive has a transfer rate of 480 Mbits/s, and to test this out, I moved about 30 gigs of MMA instructional videos from my iMac into this fiery containment unit. It took about 13 or 14 minutes total, so it was pretty quick with no bumps in between. Another nifty thing to note is that you can download the Iomega Protection Suite if you want after you buy this, which includes Trend Micro, Internet Security, EMC Retrospect, Express Backup software, Iomega QuikProtect, and MozyHome Online Backup service.

I have no complaints here about this external hard drive. It’s fast, easy to use, and extremely portable. It beats the heck out of using flash drives and it looks pretty sweet too. The 500 gigabyte models sells for $109.99, and comes in the red color you saw in this review, and the two other designs discussed here. You can order it directly from this link here or buy the The “Skin 500 GB USB 2.0 Portable External Hard Drive” from for slightly cheaper at that link above. You can also check out Skin Industries other products like their shirts, hats, belts, wallets and more apparel and accessories on their website.

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