Photo gallery from Strikeforce: Fedor VS Silva weigh-ins

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The weigh-ins went as smoothly as they could over at the IZOD Center in East Rutherford, New Jersey. Despite starting about 15 minutes late due to the NJSAC staff being stuck in traffic (since New Jersey decided to close the convenient ramp into the arena and forced you to go around, pay a toll, then sit in traffic for a 1/2 mile before you could enter the venue). Once things kicked off, they wrapped up just as fast.

None of the fighters on the main card had any trouble making weight, since they were all heavyweights. Fedor humbly covered his belly button when he stepped on the scales, while Antonio Silva posed like a super saiyan and Andrei Arlovski gave us a trademark roar. Ray Sefo attempted to weigh-in completely clothed, but commissioner Nick Lembo forced him to at least remove his shirt. The only two people to have issues making weight was Anthony Leone, who had to cut weight a second time for his fight against Josh Laberge, and Marc Stevens, who Cholish allowed to fight with the extra few ounces that were over. Gian Villante slapped on a pair of fake giant sideburns that made his opponent, Chad Griggs laugh (even though tomorrow, those two are going to kill each other). Personally, my favorite part of the weigh-ins was the blonde Strikeforce girl who kept checking out the fighters junk as they stripped on stage. When Jason Mclean stepped on stage, she silently mouthed “wow”, and after that she did her best to try not to peek. Alas, poor Strikeforce girl, I caught you peeking a few times on camera.

It was also officially announced that the next two quarterfinal fights in the Strikeforce World Grand Prix Heavyweight Tournament would take place on Saturday, April 9. The location has still not been determined however. In other news, I also grabbed a quick interview with Herschel Walker and got a few shots of the eight tournament fighters rehearsing their grand Pride-style entrance for tomorrow (in fact, here is the link to watch that exclusive video right now).

Hit the jump for more exclusive photos from the weigh-ins!

If you want to see all the photos from the weigh-ins, check out the gallery here!

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  1. Josh, who’s the doof in the gold shorts? Since you mentioned Jason Mclean near his photo, I googled him, and nope! DEFINITELY not him! Are all those randomly-placed tats his, or did he use temporary ones for the weigh-ins? He looks like Adam Sandler but with only half the brains.

    (Hint: having photo captions would help, not just for the audience, but for SEO purposes, too!)

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