Strikeforce: Fedor VS Silva/ opening round of heavyweight tournament epic preview of epicness

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Well, folks, this is it! Strikeforce: Fedor VS Silva is upon us, kicking off the biggest heavyweight tournament in ages and giving East Coast fans a chance to see some of the best in the world throw down. With all of this excitement, let’s recap all of the stuff that happened on leading into this show and hope that the hype is as good as the fights!

Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva gave us his thoughts on fighting one of the most dominant fighters in MMA, the scoop on leaving American Top Team and explained that he genuinely does not like Alistair Overeem.We also spoke with Brett Rogers, who unveiled the return of his glorious mohawk, and talked about his fight with Barnett, if Barnett will pass the drug test, and who will give him the toughest fight. Strikeforce president Scott Coker also gave us a great two-part interview, where he discussed the outcome of the tournament and the issues that arose from putting it together, and then Batista in MMA and thoughts on Japanese MMA & Brock Lesnar.

I was also present for their press conference on Wednesday at Chelsea Piers, which saw all of the fighters in the tournament, including the reserves, talking about just how huge this tournament really was and answering all of the media’s question on a variety of topics. Yesterday, I shot photos from the weigh-ins, and also got that super-huge EXCLUSIVE video of all eight fighters in the tournament rehearsing the Pride style parade of fighters that will kick off this historic event (if you haven’t seen it, you should now!), and that brings us to today. This is it, folks, hours away from the beginning of the Strikeforce heavyweight grand prix! Expect a ton more videos and photos this week from the show and a bunch of interviews with the people involved in the show. Leave your predictions in the comments section, and for anyone attending the show today, come say hi to me if you see me! WAR FEDOR!

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