Dana White rewards New York hero/ MMA fan for stopping a murderer

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Story link: MyFoxNY.com

Over the weekend, while standing in a busy subway station, New Yorker Joe Lozito came face to face with Maksim Gelman, the Brooklyn man who is accused of going on a 28-hour stabbing and carjacking spree that left four people dead. Gelman charged at Lozito, attacking him with a knife. Lozito managed to subdue his assailant with an improvised single leg takedown that he attributed to being a fan of MMA.

Lozito did not leave the skirmish unharmed sadly, and suffered multiple slash and stab wounds on his head and body, but he managed to act smartly and keep Gelman in control long enough for the police to arrive and arrest the man that has eluded authorities with his pattern-less spree of violence. On Monday night, Lozito got a great surprise; a meeting with UFC president Dana White, who gave a ton of gifts to Lozito, including VIP passes to UFC 128 in New Jersey next month.

Let’s just hope all those politicans in the assembly saw this on TV and saw that this supposed human cock-fighting actually has good merit, enough that some guy was brave enough to try to stop a deranged killer, and that the martial arts gave him confidence to do this. Lozito has not trained in the sport, but he acted like a warrior, keeping his wits about him and putting himself in the face of danger to save others at any cost. Lozito may not think he is a hero, but I know I do and I hope I get to meet him at UFC 128.

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