Wave 3 of UFC two-pack action figure sets revealed

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Jakks Pacific has revealed the third line of their UFC action figure two-packs!

Slated for a release in mid-April, this new wave is sadly not that new. The two-packs consist of famous meetings in MMA, and this time we get BJ Penn VS Kenny Florian, Chuck Liddell VS Tito Ortiz and a classic bout from UFC 4 between Dan “The Beast” Severn and Royce Gracie.

Every figure in this line-up is a repaint, meaning these were all previously released figures with some new painted shorts. Also keep in mind, the photos you see here are prototypes that are hand-painted and sculpted, and the actual releases will use Jakks patented “real-scan” technology, where they scan the fighters faces and digitally sculpt them for the most accurate look possible. However, as I said before, this line offers nothing new but is a good jumping on point for collectors who want to get a figure of their favorite dude, since this wave has something for everyone.

The packs will retail between $20-$25, depending on where you find them. New York Toy Fair is also going on this week, and I will be heading to Jakks office later today to get the scoop on the newest UFC figures.

Hit the jump to see the other images of this wave!

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