Dave Camarillo’s “Submit Everyone” Book Review

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Dave Camarillo, a black belt in both BJJ and Judo, has been working with some of the most prominent MMA fighters for over a decade, and has earned a reputation for being one of the best and most respected grapplers in the sport (he must be, since Joe Rogan was quoted on the cover of the book you see to the left).

Author of “Guerilla Jiu-Jitsu,” Camarillo has recently released a new book with Victory Belt Publishing, titled “Submit Everyone.” With this book, Camarillo hopes to revolutionize the fighting world by offering something that goes beyond a simple instructional book, and promises to dive deeper into the philosophy and psychology behind the moves.

Does Dave accomplish this, or is this just another humdrum BJJ book that does not offer anything new? Hit the jump and check out the full review to see if this book is worth your time and, most importantly, money!

“Submit Everyone” is a hefty 350 page tome of grappling information, featuring a foreward by Timothy Ferris, the man behind “The 4-Hour Body” book and other bestsellers. Why is a man who has written a series of books about a topic far from the world of combat sports lending his words of wisdom to a grappling book? For the simple reason that he became hooked on BJJ thanks to Dave Camarillo, and he believes that you will be too since his teaching goes past demonstrating techniques.

This book covers techniques across the board in both gi and no-gi, as well as how to set-up each maneuver, and how to effectively implement them in your arsenal. One of the coolest things about this book is how it teaches, which we will get into more below, but up-front, the book is designed to resemble a military guide. With “Confidential files” and a clever design that comes off like a secret government folder that is only for your eyes, the writing fits the layout and makes this book look just as unique as its content.

“The goal of this book is to provide the reader with both the physical and metal tools to develop a submission focused strategy for ground fighting,” Camarillo said in a press release about his new book. “It appeals to both the novice and the seasoned grappler, as well as those seeking to improve their submission game at the highest level.”

Dave accomplishes this by showing off dynamic techniques, that is attacks one would do during the heat of the battle, rather than from just control positions. While there are plenty of moves done from mount or guard, Camarillo also shows you attacks that you can do while being swept or from other angles that you would run into while grappling. This is something that has really not be done in too many instructional books before, and definitely not at this level or as in-depth as Camarillo discusses them.

The best part is the section towards the back, which is the “psychological warfare” area. This chapter breaks down how to confuse and manipulate your opponent into doing what you want them to do, as well as how to scout what their next move will be without you forcing them into an action. Camarillo breaks down how to bait and trap your opponents into walking right into whatever move you want to execute on them effortlessly, and is truly a novel concept for a BJJ book. By the end of this book, you will be scouting submissions and trapping your opponents in all sorts of precarious places that will be earning you victories faster than ever.

I was thoroughly impressed with Marcelo Garcia’s Advanced BJJ Techniques book, and while that book for gi techniques is still on top of the heap, Camarillo’s “Submit Everyone” is in a world of it’s own. There are truly no other books on the market that offer what Camarillo is giving to you, going beyond the techniques and teaching the grappler how to think differently. Few books, if any, have gone into the mental portion of competing, and Camarillo has dove headfirst into this, making it a very complete book that is a great start for new students, and will add the finishing touches on the game of an advanced student.

I highly recommend this book for any level, but especially for the intermediate student, who will easily get a ton of new info after skimming the pages for a few minutes. By the time you get to the end of this edition, you will be looking at grappling in a whole new way. You can pick up Dave Camarillo’s “Submit Everyone: The Guerrilla Jiu-Jitsu Files: Classified Field Manual for Becoming a Submission-focused Fighter” on Amazon for under $22, and is definitely worth it. Pick it up today, you will not regret it!

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