“UFC 136: Ultimate two-disc edition” DVD Review

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UFC lightweight champion Frankie Edgar earned his shot at the gold, and after tearing it off of the waist of BJ Penn, he found himself face to face with an old rival. The only man to defeat Edgar, Gray Maynard challenged Edgar for the title at UFC 125 in January, with the bout ending in a draw.

UFC President Dana White immediately set up a rematch, and the two met again at UFC 136 in October for one final time to see who would end up wearing the gold. Anchor Bay Entertainment has recently released this event on a special two-disc DVD set so fans at home can relive all of the ups-and-downs of this event. The question is, is this event really worth owning, or are you better off without it? All these questions and more will be answered in the following review for the “UFC 136: Ultimate two-disc edition” set!

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“UFC 136: Ultimate two-disc edition” contains, unsurprisingly, two discs packed with action. Disc one features the main card of the event, along with the countdown special for the show. Disc two contains the preliminary bouts along with the weigh-in’s, behind the scenes footage, a Joe Rogan interview with Anthony Pettis, and another interview with Kenny Florian.

This will not be a full review of the event, but this was definitely one of the better ones in 2011. The final dramatic showdown between Edgar and Maynard is a classic in it’s own right, and easily overshadows the other four bouts on the main card. With the exception of Joe Lauzon making Melvin Guillard look like an absolute noob on the ground, the rest of the pay-per-view matches were total wars and highly entertaining battles.

The prelims were just as good, but be warned that none of those end in a finish and all go to decision (the majority of those being unanimous decisions). While not a criticism of the DVD or the event itself, if you are not a fan of long matches and have the attention span of a goldfish, this is not the right event for you.

What really makes this set is the special features, and it has plenty of them. The Countdown to UFC 136 is the same one you have seen on TV, and is well-produced as they all are. Adding backstory to an older event, this is a good way to remind yourself why these matches were so important in the far-off time of October, 2011. So much has happened since then, it really does not hurt to refresh your memory.

Disc two features the weigh-in’s, which is always a fun spectacle and Houston did it up big for this show. This is not a clip show of the weigh-in’s, but the full spectacle with all of the fighters hitting the scales, as well as post-fight comments when applicable. If you have not seen Frankie Edgar looking up at Gray Maynard, who really earns his nickname of “The Bully” during this intense staredown, you are missing a truly awe-inspiring moment.

My favorite special moment is the behind-the-scenes footage, which is around 24 minutes of extended backstage coverage and candid interviews with the fighters. Since this DVD lacks a separate interview with Chael Sonnen, you get more than a mouthful of him in this feature, plus interviews with Maynard, Edgar, Florian, and Aldo. This feature also covers the UFC Fan Expo in Houston and a lot of other press-events, as well as fight night.

Backstage during the event, you will see Nam Phan check on Leonard Garcia after their three-rounder, Greg Jackson speaking with his team after Melvin Guillard’s loss, and get up-close with many of the cornerman and coaches as the fights happen. I really enjoy seeing the coaches in action, and also being able to hear them instruct, plus watching the fighters before they go to work in the locker rooms is something I have always been a fan of.

The other two features are longer interviews with Anthony Pettis and Kenny Florian, the first one being an interview with Joe Rogan. The Pettis interview clocks in at four minutes while the Florian interview is just over two minutes. Pettis tells us nothing we have not heard before, while Florian has fun with his “unguarded” interview, where he sits face to face with the camera to chat. Otherwise, these six minutes of interviews were disappointing to me, mainly due to their length, but I usually skip those anyway and relish in the ample behind-the-scenes footage more.

Overall, this is a good event with a great DVD release to back it up. The entire story of this event is contained in these two discs, with everything before, during, after, caught on film. Supplementing this is the behind-the-scenes stuff, which adds more depth to this release and immerses you completely into this show.

You can pick up “UFC 136: Edgar vs. Maynard III” from Amazon for around $13, and it is totally worth it. If you buy every event anyway, this will be a no-brainer for your collection, but if you cherry-pick your DVD purchase’s, this is a solid one to add to your shelf.

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