First look at “UFC Undisputed 3”, Demo part 3 – Career Mode

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Continuing this epic day full of “UFC Undisputed 3” insider info, here is part three of the demo I sat through, which goes over the updated career mode.

In this video, you will learn that there are no more CG cut scenes, but all specially edited videos of actual licensed UFC footage integrated into the game. You also get a chance to see how the career mode works, as well as the new training methods and how you put together the best fighter in the game, including buying sparring partners as you grow and how this game emphasizes fighting over training as opposed to the previous games.

Don’t forget to check out part one of the video here, which is a general intro and covers the new controls and upgrades to the gameplay modes, and part two, which covers an exhibition match to showcase the new controls in action, as well as the new combative phases and brand new submission system.

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