First look at “UFC Undisputed 3”, Demo Part 2 – Exhibition Match

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Following up on part one of this series that showed off the new controls and options from the game, here is the second part of this epic video from THQ to demo the new “UFC Undisputed 3” video game.

In this part, we watch an exhibition bout between Chad Mendes and Jose Aldo, giving us a first look at the brand new fighter entrances, a first in a UFC video game. Viewers also get a chance to check out the tutorial mode of the game to see how the game plays and what is new about the controls, as well as check out the phases of combat within the game and show off the new submission system. You can also check out the new interval corner system that happens between rounds of the fights, and other educational aspects integrated into the game to better explain how to play for both noobs and hardcore players.

Stick around throughout the day for even more UFC Undisputed 3 photos and videos! You can pre-order UFC Undisputed 3 at this link here for PS3 or at this link here for Xbox 360 from!

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