First look at “UFC Undisputed 3” Video Game – Videos & Photos Dump

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Welcome to a special day on! This past weekend, I went out to San Francisco for a special event, courtesy of game developer THQ, to get a first-hand look at the new “UFC Undisputed 3” video game. I have returned with a ton of behind-the-scenes footage and never-before-seen screenshots and new information about the game, and all day today I will be revealing the goodies that I was privy to.

This post will be the official dumping grounds for all of the info through the day, as I will be breaking it up into multiple posts. Starting things off, I will be featuring four videos of a special demo that I sat through that explained the various modes of the game. Later on in the day, I will also be posting some huge photo galleries, so if you are unable to check my site during your day, you can come back here periodically for all of the important links.

The video above is the first part of the four videos, which runs down the new control schemes, “pro” and “amateur,” as well as new rules and methods for play within the game and on multi-player, how the stamina system works, and some other info related to choosing a character and beginning your career mode in UFC Undisputed 3.

Check out this trailer to get a look at the huge 150 fighter roster of the game!

Here is a link to 28 brand-new photos from UFC Undisputed 3, including Alistair Overeem in action, and 20 new photos from the amazing Pride FC mode with your favorite UFC fighters dressed for Pride!

Hit the jump for the rest of parts in this four-part mini-series, or wait for their single links to pop up later today!

Part 2 – Exhibition Match

Part 3 – Career Mode

Part 4 – Pride FC Mode

You can pre-order UFC Undisputed 3 at this link here for PS3 or at this link here for Xbox 360 from!

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