Roger Ebert reviews Gina Carano’s “Haywire”

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When it comes to knowing what I shold spend my money on in theaters, there is only one man that I trust – Roger Ebert. My favorite film critic for many reasons, Ebert recently reviewed Steven Soderbergh’s new action film, “Haywire” (which we also reviewed last week on the site). What does the big man have to say about Gina Carano and this movie?

“Steven Soderbergh’s latest film is a thriller that has next to nothing to do with sex,” Ebert wrote on his blog, “except as an implement of distraction, but under the surface, there’s an appeal coiling to that part of many men that feels kinda needy about Lara Croft.”

“Soderbergh is a master craftsman whose work moves almost eagerly between genres,” Ebert added, “This is his first martial arts film, and he correctly assumes that the audience isn’t interested in hearing a lot of dialogue. Lesser directors would use that as an excuse to rely entirely on action and lowball the words. Not Soderbergh and his screenwriter, Lem Dobbs… What they do is craft very precise words for a large group of supporting characters and fill those roles with surprisingly big names. The result is that the film (although its plot is preposterous nonsense) has weight and heft and places Mallory (Carano’s character) at the center of a diabolical labyrinth.”

“Carano is wonderfully athletic,” Ebert mentions about the former Strikeforce women’s star, and adds that “she really does seem to be personally performing some impressive fight moves.” In terms of Gina’s future in film, Roger notes that he excepts her “to become a considerable box-office success, because the fact is, within a limited range, she’s good.”

Ebert gave the film three stars, and called the plot preposterous nonsense, but concluded that “a film like “Haywire” has no lasting significance, but it’s a pleasure to see an A-list director taking the care to make a first-rate genre thriller.”

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