Bobby Lashley looking at Batista or Fedor as next opponents, Bellator more likely

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In an interview with Fighters Only, Lashley told them that Fedor’s management is looking for his next opponent, and his name is on the list of potential matchups. “I’m going to throw everything at him that I can. Of course, my wrestling’s there, I don’t give a damn what he’s doing. I’d put my wrestling up there with almost anyone right now.”

When asked about the sore topic of fighting another former WWE superstar, Dave Batista, Lashley has not ruled out the bout. “I know a lot of people are looking at that fight and saying I shouldn’t take it, but that’s the entertainment aspect of [MMA]. If the wrestling fans want that then it’s an opportunity for me to have a fight, which will probably warrant a good amount of money… I’ll take that fight, no problem.”

The real news from this interview was that Bellator had contacted Lashley with an offer to compete in their next heavyweight grand prix, which seems like the more realistic option. “It was a contract that was just put on the table… I got the call yesterday so I don’t even know any of the details of the deal. I think Bellator is a great company and I would love to be able to fight for them.”

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