Culinary Union attacks UFC on Fox 2 show with new anti-MMA website

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The Culinary Union has thrown another blow at Zuffa, this time stacking the cards against this weekend’s UFC on Fox 2 event in Chicago.

Created by the folks of the Culinary Local Union 226, the new website is “UFC= Unfit for Prime Time,” a far-less creative slogan than their previous attempt to smear the company, “UFC= Unfit For Children.” The website looks at three of the fighters on the main card, Rashad Evans, Michael Bisping, and especially Chael Sonnen, and puts some of their more recent controversial quotes and antics on display for MMA pundits and haters. The site neglects to discuss the other folks on the show that they could not find any dirt on, and looks solely at a few quotes of stupidity, focusing not on the violence of the sport but on the demeanor of a few athletes, as well as Sonnen’s troubles with the law.

The Culinary Union also recently got quotes from the National Center on Domestic & Sexual Violence, who are also against MMA, while we actually spoke with Caroline Portugal from The Hot Ninja Defenders (head of an anti—rape/violence program against women, teens and LGBT people) who spoke out on why MMA is important, especially to combat domestic violence.

The Culinary Union has gained little steam it seems in the battle against MMA in NY, while New Yorker’s like myself are gearing up for another rally to push the legalization of the sport in NY in March. Let’s hope these union folk don’t get too far with their campaign of making lame websites, and that we can help educate the masses on why MMA needs to be in NY, along with every other state in this country.

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  1. haha i left a comment saying, “I don’t know much about the UFC and what they do, but what does the culinary union have to do with this?”

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  2. holy crap. the culinary union. unfit for prime time. do you know how many controversial statements come off these food shows. Does hells kitchen come to mind. All the rude and embarassing things that come off those shows, but because no one hits anyone it must be ok. I would start a website called “who cares what people with too much time on their hands and on real leg to stand on think”. But I got stuff to do.

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