Ronda Rousey talks MMA on G4’s “Attack of the Show”

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Check out this video of Ronda Rousey on G4’s “Attack of the Show” talking about her upcoming Strikeforce fight against Miesha Tate on March 3, her lack of surprise when Cris Cyborg tested positive for steroids and their twitter war, and a street fight story. Best yet, she tosses the host of the show around in a way that would make Gene Lebell proud!

So, can we officially start calling Ronda Rousey the new “face of women’s MMA,” or does Gina Carano need to pass that torch to her first? Rousey is far more outspoken than Carano and knows how to cut a promo much better than Gina, who continues to sadly be more awkward on camera than myself. Rousey is the total package in WMMA and stands in a great place to cement her status as the top dog in the yard, if she can take out Tate in March.

Any early predictions for who will be the winner of their epic showdown?

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