“Underdogs: The History of MMA” documentary coming soon, here’s the trailer

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Filmmaker Bobby Razak, who you may remember created the Georges St. Pierre documentary “The Striking Truth,” is gearing up to release a new documentary, this one all about the evolution of MMA.

“Underdogs: The History of MMA” features a candid look behind-the-scenes of the earliest days of the sport, and gives viewers an inside look at MMA around the world from its most raw incarnations. With interviews from some of the legends in the sport, as well as contemporary fighters and the next wave of athletes, this documentary will surely be a very informative piece for both new and hardcore fans. I missed a chance to see a preview screening of the first cut of this film, but I will not miss it again, and you should not either!

Hit the jump for a few more clips from this documentary, including an interview with UFC 2 veteran, Fred Ettish (yes, that Fred Ettish)!

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