Gina Carano unsure of future in MMA, confirms voice change in “Haywire”

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Hate to burst your bubble, Carano fans, but she might not be coming back to the sport anytime soon.

In an interview with British nerdery site, Den of Geek, Carano spoke about filming “Haywire” as well as if she plans on returning to MMA. “Umm, you know, I’m starting at the beginning with films, there’s a lot I can learn and there’s a longer career that can be had them,” Carano said. “There’s a physicality that’s unique and new that I can bring to films, so I hope I can get the opportunity to do that again. But I haven’t necessarily retired from fighting either. I’m gonna do whatever I have to do to support myself and to keep going. My future’s a little fuzzy. I don’t know what’s supposed to happen next.”

When asked about the infamous voice alteration of her lines in the film, Carano confirmed there was some trickery happening. “He (Steven Soderbergh) went into ADR and did some movie magic and completely altered my voice in some way. Him and his editor. So there’s truth to that, and I’m okay with it. I think he would always do things to help the film and he was really looking for Mallory and myself to be two completely different characters. He would obviously only do something like that to help it, which hopefully it did.”

Carano also added that she is hoping to land a role in the third “Expendables” film, which is a safe bet to say that there will be a threequel. She noted that she was in talks with Stallone to be in the upcoming sequel, but they needed an Asian girl specifically for the female role in this film.

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