War Machine headed back to jail, out of Bellator lightweight tournament

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The Bellator season six lightweight tournament has just a wee snag, as one of their competitors has been forced to withdraw due to some jail time.

The fighter formerly known as Jon Koppenhaver, War Machine will be serving a year in the slammer, but not for new charges. “Seems my year in jail wasnt enough,” War Machine lamented on his twitter. “Just got sentenced to another year in Vegas for some old bullshit. Nevermind Im rehabilitated. Nevermind Ive been out for over 6 months now and doing great and am finally back on my feet. Nevermind all my students that will miss me. Do another year and rot n waste time. Make no money, pay no taxes. Whatever, I just hope my boy @bensaundersMMA wins @BellatorMMA tournament. Fuck the motherfucking system! Fuck the bullshit! Vacation time, back to jail in 2 weeks! Cant stop me, all you can do is delay the inevitable. War Machine will always be back! Oh ya the judge looked and me and said she can tell Im on steroids and that thats prolly why I got in so many fights and am angry..lol Bitch”

The Bellator lightweight tournament will indeed continue without War Machine, and will be a disappointment to many fans who wanted to see him back in the cage and on TV. 2013 will be the comeback of War Machine for sure, so start marking the days off on your calendar.

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  1. And why any fighter would raise the specter of steroid use? Is it a smart thing to tweet? Where are his managers, handlers and PR people? Is a fighter’s Twitter content really that free flowing? LOL? Really? Hopefully prosecutors aren’t!

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