Fedor takes another Sambo championship, courtesy of brother Aleksander

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The 2012 Russian Sambo Championship went down this weekend, and who do you think made it to the finals? None other than the former Pride FC heavyweight champ, Fedor Emelianenko, and his little brother who is not so little, Aleksander. The two made it to the end of the tournament leading into this epic match that you see above, which ended in a less than epic way.

Being the younger brother, Aleks allowed himself to be tossed to the floor and armbarred in a matter of seconds, allowing his older brother to claim the title for himself. Consider it good sportsmanship on the side of Aleks to do that and a sign of familial respect, but I know many fans are unhappy with this display of athletics. What is your take on the situation – should the pair have fought for real, or was Aleks right in throwing the bout so Fedor could win?

You can check out another match from this event that is slightly more competitive after the jump!

7 Comments on Fedor takes another Sambo championship, courtesy of brother Aleksander

  1. I love Fedor as much as anyone, but they gave him the championship. Sidelnikov gave him a win, did not even try. Total BS. I can understand his bro giving him the W, but, having been there to see Fedor compete live, I can tell you that there is pressure to let the champ stay the champ.

    At the 2008 worlds when Fedor had his first lost to Ivanov (despite every attempt the ref could make to prevent it), the guy he was to fight for the bronze (Korean I think) bowed out. They never even pretended to fight. This was not the first time people have bowed out to Fedor during his career…out of fear, pressure, whatever.

  2. I can totally understand and respect not wanting to fight your own brother. As the little brother you gotta be the one to take the loss.

    The second fight is one of his students teammates doing the same thing, its a respect issue.

    he did have two legit fights though against gelegaev and kriger

    here http://i39.tinypic.com/28a7of6.gif

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