Dana White sounds off on his former top rival, Pride FC

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UFC President Dana White has officially admitted he was a fan of Pride FC, and openly talked about the good ole’ days of his epic rivalry against them.

“Japan is an important market to us,” White told Gareth Davies at the Telegraph. “It is a place that was huge at one time. Some of the greatest fights that ever happened in MMA happened in Japan… And I’ve always said that huge rivalry between us and PRIDE, it was some of the funnest moments of my life. It was actually fun.”

White also felt that Pride was the only other MMA organization that truly competed with the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

“If you look back throughout history, there’s only one show that I have ever said was a competitor to the UFC and it was Pride,” White continued. “Pride was the only show that I would ever put on the same level, and put on a pedestal that was the same as the UFC. Not only did it deliver great fights, they created a lot of great fighters.”

When it comes to the revival of JMMA, White is hopeful that the UFC can fill the void. “Who knows if we can get back to the days of having 100,000 people in the stadium, but I think with the right fight, we could.”

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