Enter our contest and win “Here Comes the Boom” on DVD

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Hey fellow fight nerds! It’s contest time! Up for grabs are a few copies of “Here Comes the Boom” on DVD! If you have not seen the movie yet, former college wrestler Scott Voss (Kevin James) is a 42-year-old biology teacher in a failing high school. When cutbacks threaten to cancel the music program and lay off its teacher (Henry Winkler), Scott begins to raise money by moonlighting as a mixed martial arts fighter. Everyone thinks Scott is crazy — most of all the school nurse, Bella (Salma Hayek). But in his quest, as Scott becomes more and more committed to fighting for the students, he becomes a sensation that rallies the entire school.

The Blu-ray and DVD bonus features include 18 deleted scenes, a gag reel and “Here Comes the Cast,” a featurette on the star studded cast. The Blu-ray also exclusively includes an additional five behind-the-scenes featurettes: “The Pros” gives fans a look at the real MMA fighters that appear in the film; “The Three Amigos” showcases the camaraderie of Mr. Voss’ training team – Rutten, Winkler and DellaGrotte – and the fun they had on set; “Back To School” is a peek at Winkler showing off his classroom; “Learning How To Fight” takes a look at James getting schooled in the world of MMA; and “Gino Vs. Richie” chronicles a fun on-set challenge.

How do you win this DVD? Easy, all you have to do is tweet your friends to follow us on twitter. For example:

“Follow @thefightnerd for the best and nerdiest MMA news!”

Easy as pie! Don’t have twitter? You can do the same thing on facebook, just promote our fan page instead. Once the contest is over, I will randomly choose who wins, as well as who loses and owes me a DVD of “Here Comes the Boom”. Contest ends on February 28, so hurry!

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