“Damage Control” Mouthguards Review

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If you want to know what life is like as a senior citizen who can only enjoy food when it is ground up to a mushy paste, get into a fight and don’t wear a mouthpiece. If you enjoy the use of your teeth, you should be invest in a good mouthpiece. I have reviewed a few mouthpieces before, but the fine folks at Damage Control Mouthguards offered a pretty unique twist, being a cost-effective mouth piece that has much of the functionality of a custom guard. Let’s take a look at this product and see if it’s worth your money!

The owner of DC Mouthguards, Delano Romero, got his inspiration for making a better mouthpiece one day while rolling in BJJ class. After getting hit in the mouth by accident, he fractured his teeth despite wearing a mouthguard. With the help of his wife Vesna (who luckily happened to be a dentist), the pair joined forces to make the ideal mouthguard for combat sports, and have since customized pieces for Jon Jones, Carlos Condit, and Clay Guida, among others.

A “polyshok” material is used to make each of their mouthguards, which is supposed to be 150% more energy absorbent than the average material in mouthguards. Many other mouthguards are made from EVA, ethyl-vinyl acetate, but this EVA-based co-polymer is not only stronger, but it’s softer material allows for a more comfortable mouthguard, as well. Polyshok is being seen as the future for mouth protection by many dentists, and it’s easy to see why once you put one of these between your teeth.

These boil-and-bite mouthguards come in a variety of styles and colors, ranging from fangs, comic book sound effects, camouflage, tribal effects, or flags from different nations. There are also custom mouthguards which you can design, but we will be saving that for a different review. Another nifty addition is that a carrying case comes with each of these, which may seem like nothing important, but not every mouth piece comes with one these days, and if they do, it’s usually a cheap see-through plastic box that breaks easily. I have been using a Shockdoctor mouthguard for the past few years and I had to buy a case separately with that as well, and while it’s a magnificent looking case, it is a bit gratuitous. The DC case is nothing fancy, but it’s a nice thing to offer to make things more convenient.

We were sent three mouthguards (at the cost of the manufacturer) to try out, which I did with three test subjects of varying height and weight. We all enjoyed our designs, especially the fangs, and had an easy time boiling and forming the mouthpieces. If you screw up because you accidentally chomp down at an odd angle, it’s easy to heat it up a second time and reform it.

The feeling of the mouthpiece is unlike most other basic boil-and-bite guards, in that is does not feel like a hard piece of plastic, but has a noticeably more comfortable feel to it. It adheres to the roof of your mouth like a very firm tentacle, but is much softer in terms of texture than it would initially appear. This added comfort made it much easier to wear, and that comfort was no sacrifice for protection either. If anything, it was more supple and stuck better because of this special material that DC uses. In terms of protection, the teeth of the reviewers felt very safe and no jaws were broken (which is always a plus). One of the reviewers forgot he was wearing the mouthpiece at one point, until he realized he was talking funny, so that should be a good note to anyone in terms of the comfort of it.

The best part of these mouthguards is that they are only $30! That is a great price for a great mouthpiece that bridges that broad gap between store-bought boil-and-bite mouthguards versus custom ones that you must mail away to have created. This is one of the best mouthpieces on the market right now and is a perfect price to upgrade or replace whatever you are using now. Is it better than a custom mouthguard? Not necessarily, but there are plenty of options on their site to get you closer to a very customized one, or you can just purchase their custom mouthguard kit (which we will be reviewing as well) to get the highest end of this very excellent mouthguard. Definitely worth a purchase, whether you need a new mouthguard or have to buy your first one.

The items in this review were sent to the reviewers at no cost, with no guarantee of a positive review from this site in spite of this offering.

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