“Luta” Performance Rashguard Review

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The staple to most serious MMA & BJJ practitioners is their rashguard. At least half the people that wear gis will wear a rashguard underneath it to prevent gi burn scars, which is a statistic I made up based on observation, but I dare you to prove me wrong. Regardless of my made-up stats, I like rashguards – especially ones that will last me a good long while, and look good in the process. “Luta” Sportswear has been making the rounds lately with some new gear and apparel, with a few items targeted for the combat sports enthusiast. Made for not just MMA people, but also recommended for Cross-Fit, Yoga, football, and soccer, this rashguard has much more behind it than most other companies do.

The story behind Luta Sportswear comes straight out of the Favelas in Brazil, specifically from a small boxing school in Rio De Janeiro. Luke Downdney’s “Luta pele Paz”, translated from Portugese to “Fight for Peace”, opened the gym in 2000 and has grown and prospered since then. Fast forward to today, and Downdey has now begun his own clothing line, with the magnanimous addition that half of all sales will go back to the communities in the favelas to make them stronger and help people who truly could use it.

Luckily, the charitable aspect of this company is not it’s best selling point, but a very solid one nonetheless. The rashguard is a little bit thicker than an Underarmor one, and features a six-panel construction with flatlock stitching. This keeps the rashguard nice and tight after multiple washings, and also keeps them from fraying after use, while also offering more mobility in it. There is a special antibacterial ventilation fabric under the armpits and down the sides to help keep sweat evaporating, made even more efficient by their proprietary material that keeps moisture drying but not sticking to you (and therefore making your clothes stink, which nobody likes unless you want your opponents to tap out from guillotine by way of body odor).

The fabric is smooth with a slight texture that helps adhere when you want it to, but slip out when you need to. Made from 81% polyester and 19% spandex, you get a nice stretchy bounce to it that also helps stay on your body. I never had any problems with it riding up at all, and it stayed firmly in place whether I was on the ground or working on my feet. In terms of designs, it’s a very plain rashguard – just black fabric with the Luta logo on the chest.

This rashguard is very easy to clean and after a solid month or so of using it, it still smells pretty nice. You can machine wash it in cold water, but it works just as fine with a hand washing, and dries incredibly quick. A downside of this item is not the rashguard itself, moreso the selection of colors. If you are someone that wants a more graphical design, this may disappoint you. Furthermore, this particular item is only available in one color – if you want it in white, you have to order a different and more expensive rashguard.

You can order the “Luta” Performance Rashuguard at this link here for $44.95, which is a good price for a very good rashguard. You can also order a long sleeve version of this rashguard for an additional $10 if you prefer to have your arms covered. As long as you don’t have a problem with the lack of fancy designs and are okay with wearing white or black, this will be a reliable rashguard that should last you a pretty long period of time. Most importantly, you will be giving back to people who need some good fortune shone on them.

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