“Golden Gear” Shin Pads Review

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Remember that scene in “Kickboxer” when JCVD is watching ‘Tiger’ Tong Po blast a steel pole with low kicks, and he tells his brother, “He’s kicking the s**t out of the pole”? I do. If you don’t, here it is (in a foreign language).

Really, I just wanted an excuse to finally use that video in a post. Tong Po is a forgotten and awesome villain, but I digress. Today, we are taking a look at some shin pads from our friends at Golden Gear, who have given us some other good items so far including their belly pad and Thai Pads. How do their shin pads hold up to the test? Let’s take a look!

The Golden Gear Pro Sparring Shin Pads are made by hand from leather, and are constructed with a foam complex and multi-layered foam padding to cover the shin and front of the foot. The hook and loop closure system seals your shin inside it, with a spandex underside to slip your foot in. Decorating your shin pads are the Golden Gear phoenix logo, which is generally on all of their products in a very prominent way.

The pads themselves are designed to feel lightweight, but still offer a very good amount of coverage while keeping the weight down, thanks to their special padding. That protective layering tapers as it gets closer to the foot, making for a sleek design and tight fit. It’s a thick amount of padding, so you should feel practically nothing when kicking, other than your foot hitting something and bouncing back to you after it does. Whether its a heavy bag, thai pad, or another person, there is no disputing that this pad gets the job done, and very well at that.

The leather hook and loops work well and are easy to take on and off, joined together by zelcro. The pads are fitted, like all other shin guards on the market, and the Golden Gear website goes out of their way to inform you how the sizing works so that you buy the right size (since I will admit to having had trouble buying shin pads in the past, as well as my friends). It seems like common sense, but their is a small margin of error when it comes to fitting them right, but these pads fit snugly and firmly, leaving no space for moving. Throughout the various tests, the pads did not budge when maneuvering or striking, and felt comfortable to walk on as well.

You can order the “Golden Gear” Shin Pads for $90, which is the typical going-rate for this kind of shin pad. Overall, these shin pads do what they need to do. Very high quality and a no-nonsense piece of equipment that is meant for professional use, and feel like they will be very durable as well. The true test is time, but the solid construction and padding feel strong and should hold up well for a long period of time. If you are in the market for a new pair of shin pads, give these a try!

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