“Golden Gear Pro MMA Head Gear” Review

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Head trauma is a big hot topic in all sports, and it is inevitable that a discussion of MMA will not be involved in that. While it is easy to see a blow to the head in a fight can cause serious damage, one should never underestimate the potential for injury while training and sparring as well. We at TheFightNerd.com always recommend wearing headgear when sparring, since we enjoy being able to read and do math, and we like our readers to be able to do the same. Enter today’s product review from Golden Gear, their Pro MMA Head Gear. Will this item protect your noggin, or will it leave you concussed and in a world of expensive hurt?

Firstly, let’s run down the specs on this item! This piece of headgear is stitched by hand, using ultra-lightweight foam and real leather hides, making it both comfortable to wear and durable to use for extended lengths of time. The high-density foam complex in the padding offers optimal shock absorption, and the raised ear and cheek protection ensures added safety (and also allow you to hear things easier, which some headgears do not have and I find a bit disorienting). Integrated ear hole covers and open top design allow maximum ventilation. An adjustable lace closure system keeps the headgear in place, which ties in the back (you might need a second person to help tie you up every now and then).

In terms of protection and fit, the GG Pro MMA Head Gear sits firm on your head, both at rest and when being struck. Because this is MMA gear, we decided to test it with a bit more than just kickboxing, and mixed in some wrestling. Thanks to the construction of it and the ties in the back, it stays very well in place in close-quarters situations, and we found that it really did not move much (if at all) in those scenarios. Punches and kicks are absorbed well, and since it is not too big in size, you can get a great range of head movement as well. Plus, since it is not that bulky and constructed in a certain way, we found it very easy to pack in gym bags, so you have no excuse to not bring it with you to train.

The protection is top notch, without feeling like you have a giant pad on your cheeks. This is not a headgear for beginners because it is smaller and not as bulky as others, but this is also a preference I have discovered with different people. Some fighters like to feel the impact of the blow, while others just want to feel the push and not the pain (for safety purposes). This headgear gives you optimal protection and absorption, as well as good visibility while wearing it. It’s not a giant foam ball so you may feel a bit more impact than something like the Revgear Champion headgear, but that is also because that is clearly more bulky. All in all, this item does its job very well and feels great on the head.

You can order the Golden Gear Pro MMA Head Gear from Golden Gear’s official website for $100, which is a high price for headgear from a smaller company. However, being a smaller company does not always mean lower quality, and GG has proven themselves to be very reliable when it comes to their equipment. Generally, head gear is priced in terms of construction, padding, and what parts of the head it protects. $100 is a bit steep in spite of how well it did in the tests, but if you are a serious student and fighter, it’s a very solid item worth checking out. For intermediate or beginners, I would look for it to be slightly lower in price before considering it. Either way, keep an eye on sales for this item, as it should be a piece of equipment that will last the user a long amount of time, as well as keeping your brain cells alive and well in sparring.

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