Scramble “Athlete” BJJ Gi Review

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Scramble has been making some great stuff for some time now, and I have wanted to get one of their products for awhile. They are responsible for the great Sakuraba shirt that came out last year, among other trendy MMA items like their Rainbow tights that we reviewed last year. We had nothing but good things to say about it, but I was not the one reviewing it. This time around, it’s my turn to get in on the Scramble goodness as I take a look at their Athlete BJJ gi, courtesy of

This gi comes in blue or white, and we are reviewing the latter of the two. Aside from the top and pants, it also comes with a drawstring bag/backpack to carry the gi in, which should be a prerequisite for all gi’s to come with. Made from 475GSM pearl weave for the top and 100% cotton for the bottoms, the gi is a very slim fit and hugs to the body of the wearer. That does not mean chubby or fat people should not wear this, if anything they should since it will make them feel pretty slender. It’s a very comfortable fit that almost feels custom-made, in part to the excellent construction that Scramble does on their gi’s.

The artwork on the inside of the gi is a painting by famed Japanese artist, Hokusai, with this one being his piece on Mount Fuji. Scramble has used his works in many of their other uniforms, and they look great and give it a beautifully authentically Japanese feel to them. There is also a large colorful “A” embroidered onto the front of it, as well as the Scramble logo and a variety of other patches. The way the gi is also reinforced with stitching makes it have a very attractive design. Luckily, that design is not just cosmetic. As I mentioned, the reinforced stitching will keep your gi flexible and strong over time.

The pants feature a design stitched in with blue string, forming subtle star patterns below the knees. The drawstring is a heavy duty stretchy cord, making for a very strong suspension system to keep these pants on your waist. On their own, they are a very impressive pair of pants. They feel very lightweight and easy to move in, as well as a material that seems made to grip onto fabric – a plus for chaining submissions and moves on the ground.

I have heard some issues that the gi does shrink a bit after multiple washes, and while I do not compete, I have read that it is still legal to wear under the IBJJF rules (for me, that would be good if it shrank since the sleeves were a bit long on me). The silk screen designs will also fade over time a bit, but that is natural. My favorite part about the design of this gi was the stitching and the print on the inside of the gi, so I am not too worried about fading logos (which will look pretty cool over time). There were lots of little details, like a design on the inside of the sleeves by your hands, and the trim around the bottom of it, and it makes for a really great looking kimono.

Overall, the gi was great for ground and standing. The material felt light and breathed nicely, and just felt nice to move in. It was definitely a bit snug at first, but after a few washes the fabric should lighten a bit more. The big “A” embroidered logo on the front is dangerously close to the collar, and I wonder if the green part of it specifically will wear out faster than the others because of that. Beyond that, it’s a good snug gi that feels very durable and looks excellent.

You can order the Scramble “Athlete” Jiu-Jitsu Gi from for $155, and is worth the buy if you are a serious BJJ student. It’s a killer gi from top to bottom, everything you want out of a gi and more. Obviously, with the price being where it is, it’s meant for competitors and not for beginners, but if you are ready to take the plunge into serious jiu-jitsu, this is a gi you will want to have.

This item was sent to the reviewer at the cost of the distributor, but not in exchange for, nor a guarantee of, a positive review.

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