“Golden Gear” MMA Gloves Review

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We have been reviewing a lot of Golden Gear products in the past month or two, but one item has eluded us. Not their belly pad or shin pads, but one of the most important items for the average combat sports consumer – their MMA gloves. Today, we rememdy that by examining their pro-MMA sparring gloves!

The gloves weigh in at around 7 oz., a good solid weight for training or fighting in. Handcrafted from leather, including the handwrap, these gloves come quite stiff and will take some time to break in, but that’s a good thing in my eyes. It’s a sign of longevity and durability, since they are firm but pliable. Once again, the Golden Gear Phoenix logo is on the front of them, as well as on the handwrap part.

These gloves are more in the line of MMA “safety” gloves, which is their design is more like the Shooto gloves since there are no separate fingers, just a round one-piece with finger holes. This kind of glove is actually my preferred form for training, and these give you great coverage and protection. As I mentioned, the gloves are stiff, but since they are naturally curved already, you do not risk any unnecessary cuts on your knuckles or fingers when you first get them, and should not have much worry about that in general.

The all-leather wrist strap is nice and secure, surprisingly so since there is no stretchy spandex in it. Thanks to some good construction, there is no need for it, and the gloves wrap very easily and firmly onto the user. I doubt there will be any stretching or problems with the wrap, since the stitching seems quite sturdy as well. Because this is a safety style glove, the thumb also has its own attachment to keep it protected, which has a bit of padding on it as well.

When it comes to hitting pads or people, the gloves did not budge on the users, nor left too many marks. The material on the underside is a good quick-drying kind, and should prevent bad odor from hand sweat. The natural curve on the front of the glove makes punching feel like you are wearing smaller boxing gloves, but with the mobility of a fingerless MMA glove. You can still wrestle, as well as grapple and grab with ease while wearing these. Overall, a very fine pair of gloves that will become your go-to in the gear bag.

You can order the Golden Gear MMA Gloves for $90 through their website. Unfortunately, despite how good the gloves are, I do feel they are a bit pricey. You will be hard pressed to find too many pairs of MMA gloves that cost as much as this one does, so I say to watch their site for a sale and pick these up then. Other than that, I have no nitpicks or any problems with them at all. Like all of Golden Gear’s equipment that we have reviewed, this item is no exception. Sturdy, well-constructed, and built for pros, these are a great pair of gloves for the serious MMA enthusiast, and will last you a good long time of usage.

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