“Bad Boy” MMA Sparring Kit Review

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“Bad Boy” is one of those logos that old school MMA fans have known and loved for years. One of the oldest Brazilian brands out there, the logo is allegedly Wallid Ismail’s scowling face and is one of the most recognizeable logo designs out there (perhaps only second to TapouT). In all the time that I have been an MMA fan, I somehow never owned a piece of “Bad Boy” gear before, whether it’s a shirt or equipment. Today, thanks to Sports Direct, I now have my first item – the “Bad Boy” MMA Sparring Kit.

Consisting of a pair of gloves and handwraps, along with a reasonable price, this kit gives newcomers to the sport a quick way to jump in headfirst. Being that it is intended for noobs, it has many pros and cons. It’s an item that you must take into consideration that it is meant for beginners, and therefore is automatically going to be a lesser quality than the majority of the products I have reviewed in the past. However, I can only use that as an excuse for so long.

The gloves and handwraps come inside a rather flimsy plastic sack, with a zipper that did not take too long to break sadly. I am sure most people will throw that plastic out pretty quick, but just keep that in mind if you do plan on holding onto the original packaging. The gloves, which can come as either 12 oz. or 16 oz. size (although they feel very light for what their weight is supposed to be), are made with a very soft material on the outside, with the inside having a moisture repellant fabric on the inside. Again, being that this is for starters, it’s not the most spectacular material, but having that at all is nice.

The foam padding is pretty soft as well, so I highly recommend wearing the handwraps that come with this set to prevent any injuries. I question the durability of this item in the long term, but ideally, this product gets you started and you buy higher quality gloves afterwards. The zelcro and elastic wrist wrap actually works very nicely, and your wrists will be well-protected inside the gloves.

One of the more nifty features in these gloves as well is the bar that goes in the palm of each hand, making it easier to curl into a tight fist. This may make it a bit harder to do certain clinches with, but since these are beginner gloves, it’s not a very big bar, and the material is so soft to begin with that you can still grab things pretty easily with them on. The thumb also has an attachment to keep it in line with the knuckles, which is handy for people just starting to train.

The handwraps are fine, good for beginners but not for pros. They are a thinner material than most wraps, and also slightly smaller in width, but they still offer enough coverage for a white belt.

You can order these gloves from Sports Direct for around $45 USD (Sports Direct is based in the UK, and their price for this item is usually £39.99, although as of this review, it’s on sale for £28.00). Overall, they are a beginners pair of gloves, and a decent kit to get started. Longtime students will have no use for this, since it is clearly a subpar piece of equipment, but if you want to get started, or get someone else started in the sport and get this as a gift, I recommend it for that. However, I would say price check around first since there may be other kits from other companies that are part of any sweet package deals. This kit is not perfect, and it’s just good enough for noobies, so keep that in mind before you go spending any money on this product. Or, just buy a higher quality Bad Boy product, like I think I might have to so I can wash the taste of these gloves out of my mouth.

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