“My Little Pony” and “Equestria Girls” dolls & ponies from NY Toy Fair 2015 – VIDEO

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Hasbro unveiled plenty of new “My Little Pony” items at their NY Toy Fair 2015 press event, and we were on hand to grab them on video.

A big part of MLP this year is their new App, “Friendship Celebration”, which interacts with zapcodes on various figures and playsets to add a new level of play with these toys. Some of the new figures and playsets include Rarity’s Fashion Boutique Playset, Playful Pony Singles, more Water Cuties and Fashion Style ponies, and additional POP kits. Completely new this year is their “Ponyville: Friendship is Magic Collection,” which features small unarticulated figurines of characters related to Sweet Apple Acres and the Apple Family for kids to get bit by the mini-figure collecting bug.

The big item this year from MLP is the three-story Canterlot Castle Playset, which includes exclusive Princess Celestia and Spike figures. This huge playset has comes with over 40 accessories and seven different Zapcodes for interaction with the Friendship Celebration App.

“Equestria Girls” continues this year with the new movie “Friendship Games”, and features all new dolls and playsets, as well as a motorcycle, and the debut of DJ Pon-3. This line will include Sporty Style Deluxe Dolls of the Wondercolts and Shadowcolts, School Spirit dolls, a Canterlot High playset with locker room expansion, and the big Crystal Prep Midnight Twilight Sparkle doll that is apparently tied to the conclusion of the movie. This line will also be getting a male figure for the first time, in the form of a two-pack with Twilight Sparkle and Flash Sentry.

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