“DC Collectibles” Props, Jewelry & Plushies from NY Toy Fair 2015 – VIDEO

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Wrapping up our four-part tour of the DC Collectibles booth at NY Toy Fair 2015, Jim Fletcher concludes by showing us some new plushies and props from across the DC Universe. This includes a new line of plushies of the Super-Pets based on the art of Art Balthazar, including Krypto the Superdog, Dex-Starr the cat, and Hoppy the flash rabbit. We also get to see some new props like a badge from the Gotham TV show, a reverse Flash ring, a Doctor Fate helmet, a functioning Motherbox, and a new line of Tarot cards with DC characters on them.

Once again, I forgot to cut the background noise out of this video because of my time constraints at the event, and just being overwhelmed and overloaded with doing 35 videos and being at the event for four straight days from six in the morning until closing. Won’t happen again next year, I promise!

Make sure you watch all the way to the very end on this video or you will miss something really fun!

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