M-1 Global launches “M-1 Medieval,” pro full-contact jousting – this is a real thing!

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Seems like someone is a big fan of “Game of Thrones” in Russia. M-1 Global is expanding their ventures beyond the four corners of their white ring, and putting their stakes on a white knight instead as the company has announced plans to create a league for LARPer’s.

After a previous successful event, the company has decided to create a new combat sports group for medieval knights to do battle. While my sarcasm might be thick, I am actually legit excited. As a fan of Ren Faires and this era, I welcome this original and unique idea and would love to attend one of these in person. This is probably the coolest thing M-1 has done and may very well be the best thing to come out of MMA (take that, MMA Hip Show).

m-1 medieval

From the press release:

M-1 Global president Vadim Finkelstein and Artemy Gershvald have formally announced the launching of a new project, M-1 Medieval, which features professional full contact jousting fights.

Combatants will be men dressed in medieval warrior armor fight each other using replicas of medieval bladed weapons with a blunt edge. The original M-1 Medieval fight was held August 15, 2014 at M-1 Challenge 50: Battle on Neva in St. Petersburg, Russia. Five-time world, 10-time Russian historical fencing champion Sergey Ukolov defeated American Mike Ivey.

The second and third M-1 Medieval fights happened October 17, 2014 at M-1 Challenge 52: Battle of Narts in Ingushetia, Russia. Russian warriors squared off as Sergei Ukolov beat Maxim Plaksin in one match, while Ingushetia favorite Maxim Plaksin knocked out Demitry Stadnichenko, of Kazakhstan, in the second round of their competition.

In the fourth M-1 Medieval fight, Kazakhstan Vladimir “The Bear” Toropov, representing the Bayard Club, was victorious over Nikolai “The Raven” Potryasov, of Kyrgyzstan.

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