New statues from DC Collectibles at NY Toy Fair 2015 – Bombshells, Batman: Black & White – VIDEO

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Making our way through the third of this four part tour of the DC Collectibles booth at NY Toy Fair 2015, Jim Fletcher shows us the latest statues from their DC Bombshells line, including Lois Lane, Batwoman, and Harley Quinn, which includes for the first time in the line a male part of the statue, with the Joker re-enacting the famous photo from WWII of the sailor kissing the woman in New York.

We also see more statues from their Batman: Black and White line, including Cameron Stewart’s Batgirl, and new Green Arrow/ Canary set, Constantine, and their new line of busts.

My apologies for not removing the background noise in the b-roll footage on this video. I was working under tight timelines to get these out after being at the event every (extremely long and tiresome) day and in my haste, forgot to cut out the b-roll noise. Luckily, most of the audio is still perfectly audible so it should just be a minor annoyance during this tour.

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