Ghostbusters “Marshmallow Shooters” at NY Toy Fair 2015 – VIDEO

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The Marshmallow Fun Factory was back at NY Toy Fair 2015, this time with a whole slew of “Ghostbusters”-themed Marshmallow weapons. The newly branded items include a blowdart style shooter, a bow & arrow style launcher, and their classic shooter. This year, they also unveiled a new football-esque ball, and a new type of shooter that includes soft foam projectiles (which they plan to use to sell to international markets that do not have the same size marshmallows that Americans may have). No word on a Marshmallow proton pack or slime blower yet, but we can only hope as the company has the license into 2016 to create items from the new all-female “Ghostbusters” film.

The company also has more shooters from their “Duck Commander” line and their signature zombie-hunting line.

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